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Category: PDA
Forum Description: Hardware settings and connection
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Topic: PDA's
Posted By: Guests
Subject: PDA's
Date Posted: 10-May-2007 at 05:16
If some products are not found by the PDA when the barcode is scanned, check what the scanner is picking up by scanning the barcode into Wordpad/Notepad on the PDA, and compare this barcode scan to what you have in Product Control - Barcode.
If this is different, you will need to change some scanner configurations on the PDA.
How to:
PDA MODEL: Falcon 4220
On the PDA, click on the Start Menu, then settings, then Control Panel. Open Scanner Configure, and click on the Detail Tab.
The most common barcode types are:
UPC-A (American Product)
Ean13 (Australian Product)
Select this barcode type, then alter the tick options. For example, if the PDA is picking up an extra 0 at the start of the barcode, and untick transmit first digit. Now click on OK and scan the barcode into Wordpad/Notepad again to check. If this scans the same as what you see in Product Control, it will pick up the product in the Stocktake program.

Posted By: peach
Date Posted: 13-May-2007 at 13:45
Another thing to remember to do is generate the prodsearch table using
Start > Database & Options > Online > Generate

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 18-Jun-2007 at 09:18
KEYWORDS Barcode PDA Scanner Configure EAN UPC

Posted By: peach
Date Posted: 18-Jun-2008 at 02:40
The new PDA program allows for add count and also consignment areas and Orders = Allocated and Customer Orders.
Here is some information on updating from the current version, The new one calls on PeachWebServer
1. Check the version of Windows CE           E.G. 4.1 or 4.2 or 5  
           (CE4.2 is on all Falcons, Bluebirds and Denso)
2. From Peach Downloads select the PDA Cab files being careful to select the corresponding 4.2 or 5. Save to the disk on chip.
4. Navigate to the file, double click, and extract to the
default \windows directory.
5. Reset the PDA and then Download latest stockpda.exe
The server it is communicating with needs the latest PeachWebServer and peach 99607 update. Even if the version looks current, update it again incase. 

Posted By: peach
Date Posted: 22-Oct-2008 at 09:31
IN addition to this:  If the PDA is set to Area BRANCH lets say and you are using a consignment system, then if use Location for areas = Y the PDA can save the location to the correct area within the location. Where a product has stock in 3 Consignment Areas and each has its own Bin Location then the area that your branch is set to will view in the Consolidated view as well as the local view.  

Posted By: peach
Date Posted: 23-Feb-2009 at 02:13
Te get a connection
Double click antenna
Following Tabs

goto: IN wireless Info

Default (preferred)
DbleClick then get properties of the connection e.g. key provided etc.
Security is normally WEP Open and key is not provided
Enter the WEP code then ok
Clsoe and click connect while the Default is highlited.

Keyword PDA Falcon 4220

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 19-May-2009 at 06:42

PDA Setup Step by Step:

1.       Make sure Peach Web Server is running on the server

2.       Make sure version of Peach is 9.96.08 or latest

3.       Make sure we can access Websites from the PDA

4.       Go to -

5.       Download PDA Stocktake Program, save it on Disk on Chip

6.       Either of the Cab Files Setup, save it on Disk on Chip

7.       Run and install the Cab Files

8.       Open PDA Stocktake program in the setup tab type in the servers IP address and the location of Peach.

Posted By: peach
Date Posted: 27-May-2009 at 09:38

Below is the firmware update information for your reference.To confirm the current firmware version of the Falcon 4220 go to: Start > Settings > Control Panel > System. The firmware version is located on the General tab. The firmware version will display as PSC3-xx.EN. (v.3.41 is the current firmware for the Falcon 4220).The firmware and update utility software can be downloaded from the following website: required downloads are Falcon 4220 English Firmware Release v3.41 (current firmware for 4220) and Firmware Update Utility (FUU) v2.53 (software for updating the firmware).To update the firmware, first establish an ActiveSync connection between the terminal and the PC. On the PC, open the Firmware Update Utility program. In the program, select the connection type from the Communicate using: drop down list. In the Image File: box, select the icon to the far right of the box to browse for the firmware file. The firmware image filename will contain a .bin file extension. Then select Update Terminal.Detailed information on updating the firmware is also found in chapter 4, section 9 of the Falcon 4220 Product Reference Guide (PRG).

Posted By: Pouya
Date Posted: 21-Jan-2010 at 07:21
If the StockPDA.exe program cannot run or open - then the PDA Program Memory might be low. Goto:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Memory
and move the slider around - (a bit of trial and Error)
after you move the slider around, click OK and try to run the program...
If that fails - do a cold reboot.
Same thing if you are trying to download something to the PDA and there is no storage space.

Posted By: peach
Date Posted: 13-Aug-2010 at 07:07
If after scanning a barcode you find it impossible to get a Carriage Return/Line Feed to occer, otherwise known as the enter key, download V5 and follow these instructions. Basically you are telling the StockPDA to put a ~ after the barcode is scanned and then you are telling the PDA to carru out an ENTER if and when it sees a ~
In the PDA barcode Wedge setup, there is a config screen. In there you can set a suffix character for every scan. Set to: ~
Turn off any other suffix setting.


Then once you download the new stockpda "V5". In the setup tab, you can enable the character return.


The stockpda should download to the application folder, if not, re download, and assign the folder manually.

Carriage Return Line Feed enter after barcode suffix

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